The Saint Louis Consular Corps was founded in 1950. Its members are career or honorary Consuls General, Consuls, or Vice Consuls appointed by the Heads of State of their respective countries and duly accredited by the United States Government.

Under applicable international law and treaties signed by the United States, when foreign nationals are arrested or detained by the United States Government, or any state or local government, they must be advised of the right to have their Consular Officials notified. In some cases, the nearest Consular Official must be notified of the arrest or detention of a foreign national regardless of the national’s wishes. In all circumstances, Consular Officials are entitled to access to their nationals in detention and are entitled to provide Consular assistance. A list of those Countries whose Consular Official must be notified when one of its nationals is arrested or detained is in the back of the Directory.

Accordingly, we are hopeful that you will utilize this Directory to contact the appropriate Consular Official in those circumstances in which notification is required. In addition, we trust that you will find the Directory of assistance in notifying and contacting the Consular Officials listed herein when they may be of assistance to you or the governmental entity which you represent in facilitating official communications, trade, commerce or cultural exchanges.

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